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The SAEA has established a listserv for sharing information about sustainable agriculture education. Our focus is on the educational aspects of developing and supporting sustainable food and farming systems within and across disciplines and communities of practice.

This forum aims to serve as a vibrant networking opportunity for individuals and organizations interested in generating knowledge that is important to both teachers and learners of sustainable agriculture, including but not limited to:

  • Program and Curriculum Development
  • Outreach and Community Development
  • Transcending Traditional Teaching Approaches and Assignments
  • Teaching for Social Change and Social Justice
  • Learning Theory and Methods, such as Experiential Learning and Critical Pedagogy
  • Student Farms-Student Labor Issues
  • Youth Programs and Community Gardens as Sites of Learning
  • Current Events in the Area of Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture Education
  • Internship, Jobs and other Opportunities

In the spirit of collaborative teaching and learning, please join now to help facilitate the development of sustainable food and farming systems both nationally and abroad!

How to subscribe

1. Visit our Google group
2. Click on “Join this Group”
3. Create a Google account (if you don’t already have one)
4. You can now subscribe as a member! 

How to unsubscribe

1. From the listserv page, click on “Edit my Membership” (left of the screen)

2. Click on “unsubscribe”


We ask our listserv members to follow some basic etiquette
  1. As a courtesy to other readers include your name, your organization, and your e-mail address in messages to the list.
  2. Use a detailed subject line when posting to the list. Other subscribers often determine whether to read your message based on the subject line.
  3. Before posting a strongly worded message or reply, consider delaying your post. Support a professional atmosphere by respecting the opinions of others. Avoid profanity, as well as any lewd, abrasive, or suggestive language. Be careful in your use of humor or sarcasm in your postings. Please conduct off topic or personal conversations in other forums or in private.
  4. When you reply to a message, your message goes to all subscribers. If you want to reply to an individual, change the recipient field of your e-mail. Double check all address fields before posting to make sure you are not posting personal messages to the entire group.
  5. If your e-mail address is going to change, unsubscribe from the list before the change.
  6. When using an out of office autoresponder, remember to disable your account first.
  7. Please read through the entire list of etiquette rules prior to joining.

Your use of the SAEA listserv constitutes your agreement to these terms